Match Report: Point 1 – 1 Carloway

At Garrabost, Point.

Friday, 9th August, 2019, 19.00.

“Football, bloody hell”!!! to quote Mr Ferguson. Although not at the same level as a Champions league final this was a still a very important fixture for both the teams involved. Point in their league title aspirations, Carloway to redeem some pride after the previous 8-2 loss to Point five days ago and also to attempt to halt a depressing run of losses, too many to mention.

The stoic travelling Carloway support in attendance (who outnumbered the Point support within the ground, anyway) approached this fixture with some trepidation especially when the teams were lining up as Point were, arguably, stronger from Monday with the addition of Stuart Munro and Elliot Rudall and Carloway, arguably, were weakened with their missing talisman and prolific striker Fraser “FrazMac” Macleod due to work commitments).

Point took the initiative and were in the ascendency especially in the early stages of the game but the Carloway midfield and defence (playing with four at the back) were disciplined and stood firm restricting Point’s attempts on Carloway’s goal. David Beaton (yes, he does have a Christian name) also produced a couple of fine saves and also made some timely punches and catches to keep Point at bay. However, Carloway did have some opportunities of their own with Callum Mackay, Andy “Bernera” and Andrew “Pongo” MacIver causing the Point rear guard some trouble as the first half progressed.

Half time: Point 0 Carloway 0

With the assistance of the wind in the second half it did not take Carloway long to make an impact, when in the opening minute the ball arrived at “Pongo’s” feet with his back to goal, a deft touch got the ball under control ,despite the close attention of Ali Gillies, then, swivelling to his right he lashed a left foot pile driver over the keeper’s head from some 30 yards out. A spectacular, but a trademark “Pongo” strike, especially against Point in recent years (0-1).

However ,the lead did not last long as in the 63rd minute after some sustained Carloway pressure which led to a corner ,the ball was cleared by a Point defender with the ball landing at Ally “Wally” Maciver’s feet. ”Wally “,who was standing just inside the Point half turned quickly, ran down the right touchline the length of the Carloway half sending a low cross along the six yard line ,which eluded the three Carloway defenders in the box, and found Rob Jones who slotted the ball into the right had corner of the net (1-1).

It was a disappointing goal to lose but so similar to many goals Carloway have conceded this season, with the opposition hitting on the break after Carloway pressure on the opposition goal.

In between the two goals, due to injury, Daniel Macdonald the Point keeper was replaced by defender, Josh Smith, (former Carloway EAF player George Smith’s son) who produced an admirable display in an unfamiliar position, without disrupting the Point fluency and managing to thwart the Carloway threat at crucial times.

Carloway continued to press and were, arguably, in the ascendency until the enforced substitution of Domhnall Mackay and Andrew “Pongo” Maciver on the 75th minute. These changes together with “D.I.” Maclennan’s sending off in the 82nd minute allowed Point to dominate possession but thanks to some resolute team defending and Beaton’s dominance of his six-yard box, as in the first half, with some timely punches and catches Carloway saw out the game to earn a hard-fought draw.

Full time: Point 1 Carloway 1

Credit must be paid to both teams who gave each other no quarter but who still managed to produce an exhilarating display, with the game always in the balance, in conditions Point manager, Angus “Stoodie” Mackay accurately described as “dreadful“ with a strong wind and driving rain dominating proceedings throughout most of the game.

One can only speculate, but had Domhnall Mackay (ankle knock), Andrew “Pongo” MacIver (fitness, lack of) and “D.I.” Maclennan (red card for two questionable yellow cards [sorry Chancy] all remained on the park for the last fifteen minutes it may well have been a different outcome .However, It was noticeable that the balance of the team and the rhythm of the Carloway play was disrupted with their absence; that is no reflection on the players who replaced them as they all brought fresh energy to the proceedings and played a full part in the rear guard action of the closing quarter of the fixture.

The level of performance was heartening, no doubt helped by the manager’s change of formation and best summed up by the text I received from one of the committee when discussing the Carloway man of the match: “Great shift from all though !!Could always give to the whole team!!” To use the old and oft used cliché, it really was an excellent team performance, so hopefully standards do not slip and Monday night’s fixture against Lochs will see the start of a winning sequence until the end of the season.

As for Carloway player of the match no one was found wanting, however I have discounted “Pongo” on the basis that despite his spectacular finish and general powerful performance, he was only on the field for seventy-five, albeit productive, minutes. I have also been unable to single out one individual so have gone for two other players who have also not played much in the last few weeks, but this did not certainly hamper their performances: Andy “Bernera” Morrison and Joe Armstrong (does he not love a tackle?)

Carloway man of the match (joint ) : Andy “Bernera” Morrison and Joe Armstrong

Point man of the match: Andy Murray


CARLOWAY: 4-5-1.

Manager: Billy Anderson.

Asst. Manager: Iain Angus “Gus” Maciver.


                                                          David Beaton

Cameron “Tiger” Macarthur ¦   Donald “D.I.” Maclennan ¦ ¦   Euan Shirkie   Joe Armstrong

Stuart “Bubble” Macdonald   Domhnall Mackay (capt.)   Andrew “Tago” MacIver ¦   Murdo “Squegg” Macleod   Callum “Beag” Mackay

                                                  Andy “Bernera” Morrison


Subs. used: Callum Masson (Andrew “Tago” MacIver) 76; Kevin “Barra” MacNeil (Domhnall Mackay) 76; Ben Smith (Andy “Bernera” Morrison) 85.

Subs. not used: Kenny “Dokus” MacDonald.

Yellow cards: Donald “D.I.” Maclennan 6; Andrew “Tago” MacIver 59; Cameron “Tiger” Macarthur 90+2.

Red card: Donald “D.I.” Maclennan 82


POINT: 4-4-2.

Manager: Angus “Stoodie” Mackay

Asst. Manager: Donald “Rab” Maciver


                                  Ally “Wally” Maciver ¦   Angus Macdonald

Cammy Nicolson   Robert Jones   Andrew Murray   Stewart Munro ¦

Andrew Macmillan   Elliot Rudall   Ali Gillies (capt.) ¦   Josh Smith ¦

                                                Daniel Macdonald


Subs. used: Scott Campbell (Daniel Macdonald) 47; Stuart McPhee (Angus Macdonald) 58.

Subs. not used: John Angus Morrison; Sean Macmillan.

Yellow cards: Ali Gillies 20; Josh Smith 45+3; Stewart Munro 65; Ally ”Wally” Maciver 90+3.