Match Report: Lochs 1-3 Carloway

At Creagan Dubh, Leurbost.

Monday, 12th July 2021, 19.00.

After last Friday’s drubbing by Back, the ‘Way had the opportunity to make amends to record their second league victory of the season by playing bottom team Lochs. With manager Billy Anderson indisposed (recovering from a knee op) it was up to assistant manager Graeme “Windy” Miller to direct operations on the ground.

With Domhnall Mackay, Andy “Bernera” Morrison; Stuart “Bubble” Macdonald and Callum Masson all unavailable from the team that played Back, and Euan Shirkie (long term injury) John Bain (on holiday) and Neil Sinclair also unavailable resources were stretched. However, Murdo “Squegg” Macleod made himself available for his first game of the season and Kenny “Beag” Maclennan (home on holiday) was also welcomed back into the fold, as was Callum “Beag” Mackay after missing the last two fixtures.

Manager Anderson selected David Beaton in goals with a back three of Owen “Tiger” Macarthur, DI MacLennan (captain) and Cameron “Tiger” Macarthur. The midfield five were made up of Callum “Beag” Mackay, Duncan Shirkie, Kevin “Barra” MacNeil, Murdo “Squegg” Macleod and Morgan Macleod. Kenny “Dokus” Macdonald and Kenny “Beag” Maclennan made up the starting eleven in the two forward positions.

Andrew “Dalmore” Macleod, James Mackinnon, Conor Cunningham, Uisdean Reid and Warren Mackay were the substitutes for the evening.

The game itself sparked into life in the first minute, when after a Lochs attack Beaton launched a kick from his hands, the ball bouncing over the Lochs defence and Kenny “Beag” pounced to fire it into the Lochs net from 20 yards out. (0-1).

This was quickly followed in the fourth minute by a Kenny “Dokus” attempt which sailed over the bar.

In the 16th minute, DI Maclennan suffered an injury due to a clash of heads and which necessitated a visit to A&E for the Carloway skipper. Conor Cunningham came on in his place in the reorganised Carloway back line, with Cameron Macarthur reverting to the central position in the back three.

The 35th minute saw a Murdo “Squegg” Macleod pass find Calum “Beag” Mackay out on the right wing, carrying the ball to the touchline Mackay drove the ball hard and low across the face of the Lochs goal for Kevin “Barra” MacNeil to convert from three yards out (0-2)

Half Time: Lochs 0 Carloway 2

Although it was a solid first half display by Carloway and probably a deserved two nil lead, Lochs had been a threat throughout and in the early part of the second half they had most of the pressure and possession. However, in the 60th minute the two Kennys (Dokus and Beag), who had continued to be a threat, combined with a “Dokus” chip to the far post finding Kenny “Beag” who headed the ball into the empty net for his second of the evening (0-3)

Despite this reversal Lochs continued to press and on the 61st min a Neil Houston shot from distance was cleared off the Carloway goal line by Conor Cunningham.

Then in the 64th minute the Lochs pressure finally paid off when Daniel Cameron reduced the deficit with a well struck shot (1-3)

As Lochs continued to press for another goal, in the 86th minute, Ally “Laxay” Macdonald was adjudged by referee MacRitchie to have been brought down unfairly in the Carloway box and it resulted in the award of a penalty which those of us who had a good view of the incident on the side-lines believed to be a soft award. Nevertheless, Neil Houston stepped up to take the penalty and although it was well struck to Beaton’s left, Beaton (or should it be “Donnarumma”?) was equal to it by diving to his left and pushing the ball round the post for a corner. It was a superb save and not for the first time has he pulled off a similar penalty save in his Carloway career!!

Full Time: Lochs 1 Carloway 3

Although Carloway were not at their best the victory was certainly a welcome boost as was the three points, but credit should also be given to Lochs who did not give up and continued to keep the Carloway nerves jangling throughout and ensured the result was always in doubt to the very end. Although only on for 60 minutes Murdo “Squegg” Macleod made a fine contribution in his first game of the season as did David Beaton, especially with his majestic penalty save and his goal assist. Cameron “Tiger” is also worth a mention for marshalling things at the back and not putting a foot wrong after replacing the unfortunate DI in the centre of defence. However, my man of the match was Kenny “Beag” Maclennan not only for his two goal return but for his general all round play in the forward area and who reinforced the old adage “form is temporary but class is permanent”.

Carloway player of the match: Kenny “Beag” Maclennan

Lochs player of the match: Jamie Fraser

Line Ups:

CARLOWAY: 3-5-2.

Manager: Billy Anderson.

Asst. Manager: Graeme “Windy” Miller.


                                                          David Beaton

Owen “Tiger” Macarthur   Donald “D.I.” Maclennan (capt.)   Cameron “Tiger” Macarthur

Callum “Beag” Mackay   Duncan Shirkie   Murdo “Squegg” Macleod   Kevin “Barra” MacNeil   Morgan Macleod

                        Kenny “Dokus” MacDonald   Kenny “Beag” Maclennan


Subs. used: Conor Cunningham (Donald “D.I.” Maclennan) 16; James Mackinnon (Murdo “Squegg” Macleod) 63; Warren Mackay (Kenny “Dokus” MacDonald) 88.

Subs. not used: Uisdean Reid; Andrew “Dalmore” Macleod.

Yellow cards: None



LOCHS: 4-4-2.

Manager: Lewis Mackenzie

Asst. Manager: Jonny Porter


                                             Jamie Fraser   Daniel Cameron

                      Niall Houston   Shaun Macleod   Domhnall Graham   Jamie Macdonald

                 David Skene   Ali “Laxay” Macdonald   Allan Farrell (capt.)   Lewis Macdonald

                                                         Innes Mackenzie


Subs. used: Ross Wilson (Lewis Macdonald) 74; Matthew Murray (Daniel Cameron) 74.

Subs. not used: Angus Macdonald; Ben Duke; Shaun Martin.

Yellow cards: None.