So after a fantastic weekend of book launch events, the Carloway FC book ‘Ninety Years On: The Story of Carloway Football Club 1933 to 2023’ is now available to buy online via the following payment link:

The cost of purchasing the book via this link is £25 (including post and package for UK orders) and £30 (including post and package for international orders). The book will remain available to buy for £20 from Carloway Community Shop.

Carloway Football Club’s ninety years in Lewis and Harris football have not been straight-forward but have been marked by passion, commitment and, occasionally, madness. The football years have involved tales of heartbreak and glory as well as the story of how Scottish football legend Ronnie Mackinnon ended up playing for the club before and after his professional career with Rangers and Scotland. In an interview for the book, the Rangers legend talked about his time in Scottish football and he had some good tales to tell including yarns about Greig, Baxter, Bremner, Puskas and Pele as well as about his time in his mother’s hometown of Carloway.

Co-authors, father and son team, Graeme and Eachainn Miller from the village of Garenin started writing a history of Carloway Football Club in 2018 as a labour of love for the club they both played for and became obsessed with. ‘Ninety Years On’ tells the story of that club.